Thursday, June 18, 2009

The End Tally for Southeast Asia

Eleven weeks in Southeast Asia and here are some wrap up thoughts and tallies:

1. One elephant ridden, bathed, and attempted to command
2. Bargaining techniques worked on and are much improved
3. One battle with Dengue Fever, one stomach virus, and a bazillion mosquito bites- survived.
4. Finished 20% under my original budget- yeah!
5. Received my box I mailed myself with souvenirs so can officially trust the Thailand post.
6. 2 cooking classes, 1 massage course, and 1 weaving lesson taken.
7. 1 river kayaked
8. 1 day of climbing and abseiling
9. Lots of hiking
10. Lots of sightseeing- got tired of Wats after awhile, and temples...
11. Tried some different foods, became addicted to mixed fruit shakes and sweet chili sauce
12. Didn't kill my travel partner, and he didn't kill me- in fact, we got along really well and had a great time!! Here's to my BFF! ;)
13. Travelled by planes, trains, taxis, buses, automobiles, boats, tuk-tuk's, sangatheaws, bicycle, ferries, and kayaks
14. Slept in 2 treehouses
15. Stayed in 2 REALLY nice hotels, stayed in 1 bad one, the rest were average
16. Only learned how to say "Thank you" in each country, otherwise my foreign language skills are nil
17. Discovered my limit on the amount of sticky rice I can or will consume
18. Participated in a city wide water fight with people of all ages
19. Experienced a caffienne jolt like none other from Vietnamese coffee
20. Considered going vegetarian after wandering the food markets meat sections, I think I'll be okay
21. Went snorkelling- reaffirmed my fear of open water, or at least of things touching me in it
22. Rewrote the Vietnam/Cambodia Lonely Planet book, I'll be sending them my edits later...
23. One shady taxi ride
24. Lost a couple pairs of underwear having my laundry done by others...wierd
25. Duped in to joining Facebook
26. Read the whole Twilight series, fell in love with the second hand books stores everywhere
27. Got a SIM card for my phone for each country, loved calling home to talk to family each week
28. A new found appreciation for cold weather and air conditioning
29. One inspiring cello concert performance
30. Discovering my best time limit for travelling should be about 8 weeks, and then I get tired of living out of a backpack and want to be in one space for a bit...


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Susan Farrell-Jones said...

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